Foods Every Teenage Girl Should Eat

The teenage years of a girl’s life are perhaps the most notorious when it comes to food. But at the same time, this phase of life is most crucial to health as the body is going through many changes, both physically and mentally. A teenage girl’s body is under the transition from girl to a woman. Not only the reproductive, but also the immune system is developing during this stage. Lacking in any essential nutrition can make the body more susceptible to diseases and bodily disorders such as heart disease, kidney disorder and even ovarian cancer. Eating right is the key to a healthy teenage life. Here are some super foods that you must eat if you are a teenager.

Foods to Eat

Teenage Girl Should Eat

Knowing what types of foods are most beneficial to female body can give a general idea of how girls can manage their diet. While young women are conscious about their weight, not eating healthy can give rise to other problems such as irregularity in periods and excessive vaginal cramps. So how to go about eating not much but also keeping up with the nutritional levels to maintain healthy body? The key is in eating foods high in nutrients that boost body functions.
First and most important, eat healthy breakfast and never skip one. A good breakfast helps give a good start to your day as well as in avoiding overeating later in the day. If you had a tummy full of healthy breakfast, you are less likely to be tempted on eating unhealthy foods later the day.
Second is eating plentiful of foods rich in fiber. Dietary fiber significantly increases the digestive system. Please as a few citrus fruits such as fresh avocados, ripe papaya and pineapple to your daily breakfast. Such fruits will not only supply vitamins but can also help reduce inflammation which reduces cramps during periods. Banana is another great fruit that can boost energy levels and keep your guts healthy.
Teen years are not only about physical changes but also about the psychological changes that accompany it. Mood swings are common in teenage girls specially during menstruation. Eating chocolate can help keep your mood good and improves blood circulation which contributes to overall health.
Whole grain meals make very healthy dinner choice for teenage girls. Try some whole grain pasta for dinner. Its easy to prepare and is delicious if you use the right recipe.

Foods to Avoid

As everyone should, teenage girls in specific should avoid processed foods. Processed and chemically treated foods have been found to cause problems in young females. It is also best to stay away from fast food, specially during periods as they can promote pain in periods. Try to eliminate saturated fats altogether as they can lead to weight gain. If you are lactose intolerant, pick alternatives like lactose free or soy milk. Don’t avoid milk overall as it also has nutrients that your body needs.
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