Avoid These 6 Habits During Pregnancy at All Costs!


Getting pregnant is one of the most precious moments of a woman’s life. The nine-month duration of nurturing and love unfolds in one of the most precious gifts of nature, baby. But some bad habits may affect the development of your baby during the pregnancy, if you don’t give them up on the right time. Here are 5 habits you must avoid during pregnancy.

Eating Unhealthy Foods

Your diet plays an important part in you and your baby’s health. Whatever you eat, will affect your baby on some way. We discussed about good foods for pregnancy in another article, so if your wat to know you, read 7 Foods to East During Pregnancy. As for now, processed and fast foods are best avoided during pregnancy.

Not Exercising

Not exercising enough can cause weight gain which is unhealthy for you as well as your baby. It is a common misconception that women who are pregnant up to 7 months should not walk or take stairs, whereas studies show the opposite. Just as little as walking around your home in normal way can keep your body active.

Eating too much

Pregnant women gain weight during pregnancy, but that does not mean that they have to eat twice the size of a regular. Eating too much can lead to obesity. Eating too much can also cause nausea and heartburn as you progress in your pregnancy. Eat in small amounts throughout the day instead of large meals. The recommended weight gain during pregnancy is from 25 to 35 lbs.


While smoking is bad for your lungs, it can also be injurious to your baby. Smoking may cause premature birth in women who smoke on regular basis. It also increases the chances of miscarriage. It is best to stay away from smoking at least during the pregnancy.and you can read more Smoking During pregnancy

Alcohol Use

Alcohol can be very injurious to you and your baby’s development. Even if you consume in small quantities, it can have adverse effects. There is also no safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy. Why? Because alcohol can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, and man other deformities in your baby including abnormal facial features, small head size, poor coordination, learning disabilities and the list goes on. Therefore, you should avoid drinking alcohol at costs during your pregnancy.

Not talking the prescribed meds

You may need certain medical treatments during your pregnancy such as anxiety treatment. While a number of studies argue that taking medical drugs such as Tylenol and antidepressants may affect your pregnancy, doctors suggest that pregnant women should now avoid their medicines as they are prescribed according to the conditions. Refusing medicines may result in more complications than there would be if you didn’t take them.


Are You Getting White Discharge Before Period? Here’s What to Do

This article provides you some facts about Vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is the white discharge before period that if often release from the vagina in small quantity. If you are getting white discharge, and worried about it, here you can understand what it really is and what you need to do. Let us understand what it is and how it is caused.
Before the release of egg in the menstrual cycle, the uterus produces mucus. The quantity in which it is produced is many times bigger than after ovulation. This mucus is composed primarily of water and is slimier. Because it is watery, it can easily leak through normal clothing. So, you need some extra cloth to contain it.
If you are getting white discharge before period, it is nothing to be worried about as it is a part of the normal menstruation. Although, you may not hear the same complain from other women as it depends on the individual. Every woman may get different amount of discharge. Some may not even notice or some may simply not mention. As long as it is white in color and does not accompany pain, it is totally normal. However, if the discharge is yellowish, or greenish, or clumpy, you should as your doctor.
One thing we would like to clarify here is that just because you are getting a yellow or green discharge does not mean you have to worry. And we say this because the color depends on many factors. Your doctor may be able to guide you more since he or she knows the factors well. These factors contribute to the color, amount and frequency. But the most notable thing is the color as it tells what type of discharge it is and what it means.
For instance, your age may affect the discharge. If you taking medications such as birth controls, you may get yellowish discharge. If you are taking herbs or vitamin supplements, it may also affect. Pregnancy is also a factor and some other medical conditions such as diabetes can also play a part in it. To make this simpler, there are four types of discharge by color that tell you about your health.

Clear and slimy

When women are fertile and ovulating, they get a clear white and stretchy discharge.
Yellowish or Greenish
This color may indicate an infection. It may also have a distinctive odor pointing more towards the possibility of an infection, most often the yeast infection.


This type of discharge does not come before but after periods. It is just clearing out the old blood of period.

Spotting Brown Discharge

Spotting appears during the ovulation. It may also happen during pregnancy. A brown discharge instead of period may indicate the onset of pregnancy. If you are getting a brown discharge, you should take a pregnancy test.

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How to Get Flat Belly After Pregnancy

If you have recently given birth, you might be wondering why has your tummy not changed back to how it was before you got pregnancy. You are asking why you still look pregnant? Will it ever become flat again? The answer is yes, but it takes time.
Your belly stretches as your baby grows inside the womb. After birth, the skin loosens looks squishier. It takes time for your tummy to fully recover from pregnancy. But you can speed up the process and get a flat belly within just a few weeks. And here’s how


Exercise Right

IF want to reduce your baby belly, you will need to move your body. Get out and do some exercise I lose any excess fat around your belly and other body parts. A little exercise on daily basis can also help you reduce stress which makes losing weight much easier. To get the best results, you may need to do the right exercises. It is smart to focus on some targeted exercises to get a flat tummy. Joining a gym or taking fitness classes can help you do the exercise in the right way. BE sure to discuss this with your doctor before hitting gym.


Breastfeeding can also help in reducing the belly. When you breastfeed your baby, your body burns calories quickly. It will also help bond with the baby while helping you lose weight. A study has found that women who breastfed their babies exclusively, lost the baby weight more easily and quickly than women who didn’t.

Eat Healthy

Getting your tummy to the perfect shape is not easy if you’re eating everything that comes in your sight. Specially after pregnancy. Avoid taking sugary and starchy foods above the recommended daily requirement. This includes cupcakes, pastries and all the sugary things you can think of. Sugars can cause your stomach to protrude even more if you don’t put a cap on the intake. Instead, eat foods that help you shed fats and burn calories. Leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and green tea can be very helpful in reducing your belly.

Take Rest

Getting good sleep is important in keeping your body in shape. Because sleep affects your routine and stress which directly impact your body shape. If you stay awake, you will feel more hunger and eat more, which will increase your belly size. Moreover, a good night’s sleep can keep your stress levels down and your bodily functions in balance. Its not easy, we know. Getting a full sleep while caring for the newborn can be challenging. One thing you can come around this is by synchronizing your sleep patterns with your baby. Infants sleep for around 16 to 20 hours per day and the time duration drops as they age.
So there you have it! 4 ways to get your tummy flat after pregnancy. Have you been working on your belly recently? Let us know how you are doing?


Foods Every Teenage Girl Should Eat

The teenage years of a girl’s life are perhaps the most notorious when it comes to food. But at the same time, this phase of life is most crucial to health as the body is going through many changes, both physically and mentally. A teenage girl’s body is under the transition from girl to a woman. Not only the reproductive, but also the immune system is developing during this stage. Lacking in any essential nutrition can make the body more susceptible to diseases and bodily disorders such as heart disease, kidney disorder and even ovarian cancer. Eating right is the key to a healthy teenage life. Here are some super foods that you must eat if you are a teenager.

Foods to Eat

Teenage Girl Should Eat

Knowing what types of foods are most beneficial to female body can give a general idea of how girls can manage their diet. While young women are conscious about their weight, not eating healthy can give rise to other problems such as irregularity in periods and excessive vaginal cramps. So how to go about eating not much but also keeping up with the nutritional levels to maintain healthy body? The key is in eating foods high in nutrients that boost body functions.
First and most important, eat healthy breakfast and never skip one. A good breakfast helps give a good start to your day as well as in avoiding overeating later in the day. If you had a tummy full of healthy breakfast, you are less likely to be tempted on eating unhealthy foods later the day.
Second is eating plentiful of foods rich in fiber. Dietary fiber significantly increases the digestive system. Please as a few citrus fruits such as fresh avocados, ripe papaya and pineapple to your daily breakfast. Such fruits will not only supply vitamins but can also help reduce inflammation which reduces cramps during periods. Banana is another great fruit that can boost energy levels and keep your guts healthy.
Teen years are not only about physical changes but also about the psychological changes that accompany it. Mood swings are common in teenage girls specially during menstruation. Eating chocolate can help keep your mood good and improves blood circulation which contributes to overall health.
Whole grain meals make very healthy dinner choice for teenage girls. Try some whole grain pasta for dinner. Its easy to prepare and is delicious if you use the right recipe.

Foods to Avoid

As everyone should, teenage girls in specific should avoid processed foods. Processed and chemically treated foods have been found to cause problems in young females. It is also best to stay away from fast food, specially during periods as they can promote pain in periods. Try to eliminate saturated fats altogether as they can lead to weight gain. If you are lactose intolerant, pick alternatives like lactose free or soy milk. Don’t avoid milk overall as it also has nutrients that your body needs.
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