Avoid These 6 Habits During Pregnancy at All Costs!


Getting pregnant is one of the most precious moments of a woman’s life. The nine-month duration of nurturing and love unfolds in one of the most precious gifts of nature, baby. But some bad habits may affect the development of your baby during the pregnancy, if you don’t give them up on the right time. Here are 5 habits you must avoid during pregnancy.

Eating Unhealthy Foods

Your diet plays an important part in you and your baby’s health. Whatever you eat, will affect your baby on some way. We discussed about good foods for pregnancy in another article, so if your wat to know you, read 7 Foods to East During Pregnancy. As for now, processed and fast foods are best avoided during pregnancy.

Not Exercising

Not exercising enough can cause weight gain which is unhealthy for you as well as your baby. It is a common misconception that women who are pregnant up to 7 months should not walk or take stairs, whereas studies show the opposite. Just as little as walking around your home in normal way can keep your body active.

Eating too much

Pregnant women gain weight during pregnancy, but that does not mean that they have to eat twice the size of a regular. Eating too much can lead to obesity. Eating too much can also cause nausea and heartburn as you progress in your pregnancy. Eat in small amounts throughout the day instead of large meals. The recommended weight gain during pregnancy is from 25 to 35 lbs.


While smoking is bad for your lungs, it can also be injurious to your baby. Smoking may cause premature birth in women who smoke on regular basis. It also increases the chances of miscarriage. It is best to stay away from smoking at least during the pregnancy.and you can read more Smoking During pregnancy

Alcohol Use

Alcohol can be very injurious to you and your baby’s development. Even if you consume in small quantities, it can have adverse effects. There is also no safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy. Why? Because alcohol can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, and man other deformities in your baby including abnormal facial features, small head size, poor coordination, learning disabilities and the list goes on. Therefore, you should avoid drinking alcohol at costs during your pregnancy.

Not talking the prescribed meds

You may need certain medical treatments during your pregnancy such as anxiety treatment. While a number of studies argue that taking medical drugs such as Tylenol and antidepressants may affect your pregnancy, doctors suggest that pregnant women should now avoid their medicines as they are prescribed according to the conditions. Refusing medicines may result in more complications than there would be if you didn’t take them.


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