Are You Getting White Discharge Before Period? Here’s What to Do

This article provides you some facts about Vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is the white discharge before period that if often release from the vagina in small quantity. If you are getting white discharge, and worried about it, here you can understand what it really is and what you need to do. Let us understand what it is and how it is caused.
Before the release of egg in the menstrual cycle, the uterus produces mucus. The quantity in which it is produced is many times bigger than after ovulation. This mucus is composed primarily of water and is slimier. Because it is watery, it can easily leak through normal clothing. So, you need some extra cloth to contain it.
If you are getting white discharge before period, it is nothing to be worried about as it is a part of the normal menstruation. Although, you may not hear the same complain from other women as it depends on the individual. Every woman may get different amount of discharge. Some may not even notice or some may simply not mention. As long as it is white in color and does not accompany pain, it is totally normal. However, if the discharge is yellowish, or greenish, or clumpy, you should as your doctor.
One thing we would like to clarify here is that just because you are getting a yellow or green discharge does not mean you have to worry. And we say this because the color depends on many factors. Your doctor may be able to guide you more since he or she knows the factors well. These factors contribute to the color, amount and frequency. But the most notable thing is the color as it tells what type of discharge it is and what it means.
For instance, your age may affect the discharge. If you taking medications such as birth controls, you may get yellowish discharge. If you are taking herbs or vitamin supplements, it may also affect. Pregnancy is also a factor and some other medical conditions such as diabetes can also play a part in it. To make this simpler, there are four types of discharge by color that tell you about your health.

Clear and slimy

When women are fertile and ovulating, they get a clear white and stretchy discharge.
Yellowish or Greenish
This color may indicate an infection. It may also have a distinctive odor pointing more towards the possibility of an infection, most often the yeast infection.


This type of discharge does not come before but after periods. It is just clearing out the old blood of period.

Spotting Brown Discharge

Spotting appears during the ovulation. It may also happen during pregnancy. A brown discharge instead of period may indicate the onset of pregnancy. If you are getting a brown discharge, you should take a pregnancy test.

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